The Career of Flight Attendant (Cabin Crew / Air Hostess)

Being a flight attendant can be one of the most exciting and rewarding career choices you can make. The saying, “The world is your oyster” certainly applies when choosing a career as a flight attendant.

Life As A Flight Attendant - What Is it Like ?

Flying for an airline will allow you to experience different cultures, cities and events simply through the vast number of people you will meet and places you will visit. Every career choice has its pros and cons and being a flight attendant requires long working hours in a confined area, being away from loved ones and sometimes having to deal with delays and difficult passengers. You therefore have to have a flexible easy-going nature, possess problem solving skills and enjoy being part of a team as fellow crew members become your family away from home.

The pros of being a flight attendant are numerous. It is a glamorous, exciting and fulfilling career. No flight, destination or passenger is ever the same! If you believe variety is the spice of life, this definitely is the career for you… You can explore and shop in places celebrities frequent especially if you are fortunate enough to fly for an International Airline.

Being a flight attendant will broaden your horizons and assist you in becoming a well-rounded, world-wise and confident individual who will become independent enough to make the right choices in life.

Are you a people’s person and do you want to travel the world and experience different cultures? If so, then this is the only career for you. Although a cabin crew member’s primary responsibility is the safety of the passengers, aircraft and crew, exceeding a customer’s expectations with regards to outstanding service is normally what sells an airline to a passenger. 

While growing up so many little girls want to become flight attendants. This is often due to the perception that flight attendants always look glamorous, are always happy, kind and eager to attend to all your needs.

Besides looking good, cabin crew members are required to be caring and be able to anticipate and understand customer expectations and always display respect, professionalism and etiquette.

Being a team player and a really hard worker is vitally important when choosing a career as a flight attendant. Working hours can be very long and you are required to spend this time with colleagues in a confined space. When your colleagues are required to carry your work load it causes tension amongst crew. Passengers can sense camaraderie and normally happy crew means happy passengers. Passengers need to feel that crew members are able to handle any unforeseen situation. You need to be confident and assertive in situations where safety could be compromised. So many passengers have a fear of flying and crew must be capable of gaining their passengers’ trust.

Generally there are minor problems that occur in flight. These problems could include customers who did not get seats they wanted or meals they had requested. Crew need to possess problem solving skills thus ensuring they do not lose their customers to their competitors.

The height requirement for a cabin crew member varies from airline operator to airline operator. Height restriction is based on the ability of cabin crew members to reach emergency equipment which is stowed on the aircraft, with weight being proportionate to height. As safety is the best service we can offer our passengers, it is not wise to have cabin crew members who could hamper an evacuation due to being overweight. Many exits, such as overwing exits are small spaces through which cabin crew members should easily fit. Passengers also have an “image” of a crew member being well proportioned and perfectly groomed.

Another aspect which comes in very handy when flying internationally is the ability to speak multiple languages. Cabin crew members are often confronted with large tourist groups from a specific country with very few being able to converse in English. When airlines open new routes to their schedule they often advertise for cabin crew who speak the language of the new route they will operate to.

Geographical knowledge or travel and tourism training is especially handy when flying. Passengers often rely on crew members for information regarding the country they are flying to, especially when it is a passenger first time to that specific destination.

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The terms air hostess, flight attendant, and cabin crew are used interchangeably and mean the same thing. We also see some spelling variations and terms such as flight attendance and flight attended have been seen in correspondence !