Looking to date a Flight Attendant

Looking to date a Flight Attendant?

Herewith  10 good reasons why you should do so:


  1. A flight attendants primary duty is to assist passengers in an abnormal or emergency situation. They are trained in handling conflict and panic should an abnormal situation occur. This training comes in really handy when your relationship goes through tumultuous times J
  2. Flight attendants get great travel benefits for partners – free flights and discounted hotel rates. If you want to travel the world with your loved one, this is a cost effective way of doing so
  3. As flight attendants travel extensively, they “have been there and done that” in most countries so they make excellent tour guides.
  4. Flight attendants have a great spirit of adventure so your relationship should not experience many “Dull and mundane moments”.
  5. Most flight attendants are organised, proficient and punctual so dating one will not have you waiting for them “to get ready”.
  6. Flight attendants are well trained in communication skills so introducing them to your family and friends will not result in hours of deathly silence.
  7. Flight attendants spend an abundant time away from home so they will not pressurise you to always take them out as they enjoy their “home time”.
  8. Tired of lugging luggage around when travelling? Flight attendants pack lightly.
  9. You shouldn’t get bored with conversing with flight attendants. They have endless interesting stories to relay about their travel experiences.
  10. Finally, when you need a break – a flight attendant will be packing to jet off to some exotic destination. In essence you miss one another whilst your partner is away and then treasure every moment when you are together.