Corporate Flight Attendants


The most import duty of a flight attendant working for a commercial airline operator is that of safety officer. When an aircraft carries less than 20 passengers no crew are required on board for safety related duties. Corporate aircraft do not normally have seating for 20 passengers however training in Safety and Emergency Procedures, Aviation Medicine, Catering and Customer Service is usually a requirement. Finding a job as a corporate flight attendant can be a gruelling process but there are many jobs available should this be the route you would like to follow.



Corporate flight attendants work for specific companies on board a company’s private aircraft or could be employed by a company who offer charter flights. Passengers on charter flights could include presidents, business men, celebrities, sports teams etc.  Due to the vastly different passengers you could have on a flight, each flight is totally different in terms of the catering offered, the style of service and just your general interaction with the passengers.

Some corporate flight attendants work as freelancers for many different companies and thus would operate on different types of aircraft.   

Firstly, if this is the career choice you have made, you need to be flexible, highly organised, creative, have the ability to use initiative and improvise, always paying attention to detail.

Corporate aircraft are equipped with a microwave, fridge, kettle, coffee machine, catering stores, sinks etc. with working areas usually being very limited.

Remember that as a crew member working for a commercial airline, your flight and duty hours are regulated whereas being a corporate flight attendant you are on call 24/7 for the duration of the trip. Trip durations vary and could range from a week to a six week period.  As you would usually work alone on a corporate jet, your duties are extensive.



Culinary background will be an advantage. The food, wines and drinks served to passengers is equivalent to that served in a five star restaurant in terms of preparation and presentation.


Prior to a flight duties would include ordering catering, drinks, magazines, newspapers, arranging flowers etc.  Anything which can be done prior to passengers arriving for the flight will save precious times once the flight is in the air.   


On board the aircraft, crew members are required to prepare meals, serve and clean up. They need to keep the cabin and toilets clean, make passenger beds always attending to passengers every request.  After the flight ends – duties don’t. You will be required to arrange specific drinks, catering etc. for the next leg of the flight, and also attend to passenger and catering, laundry etc.

This is a very exciting career however, be prepared, it is truly hard work.