Confessions of a Flight Attendant

How to be the “Textbook Passenger”

They say a flight is only as good as the crew members working the flight. Well here are some tips which will keep crew members very happy resulting in you having a really good flight.



During the boarding process crew are required to see your boarding pass as they are required to ensure that you board the correct aircraft. It has happened numerous times that passengers have boarded the wrong aircraft so please have your boarding pass ready when boarding the aircraft.

Depending on the class you are travelling, you will be permitted to board with either one or two pieces of hand luggage. If you exceed the on board baggage allowance, the crew will be required to place excess baggage in the cargo hold. Don’t be mad at them as this is a legislated requirement.


When boarding the aircraft there will be crew members in the aisle to assist you but they could be assisting other passengers and may not be immediately available to assist you. Moving out the aisle to allow passengers to move past you, will avoid a delay in the boarding process.

Please pay attention to the safety demonstrations. The crew are on board to ensure you have a safe evacuation “in the unlikely event of an evacuation being required”. Crew love passengers who follow requests made over the passenger address system e.g. when asked to put your seats upright, follow the instructions. 


Keep arms and legs out of the aisles when the service is in progress to avoid being hit by a service trolley. Remain seated during the service and adhere to the seat belt light indications.

Limited choices of meals are available on board an aircraft as space is limited. Don’t abuse crew if your meal choice is not available as they do not have the ability to prepare your meal choice on an aircraft. Be understanding.


When travelling with children, remember, cabin crew members are not baby sitters. They will be more than willing to heat milk bottles etc. but do not expect them to change your baby’s diapers in the middle of a service and please avoid changing diapers using the tray table in front of you.


After the service has been completed it is advisable to take a walk around the aircraft every couple of hours but don’t spend all your time in the galley. Crew have galley duties throughout the flight and having passengers spending all their time there will hamper crew duties.    

Crew duties include cleaning the toilets so please clean it when you are done. Wipe the basin and remember to flush.  


Don’t abuse alcohol and then become rowdy and abusive. Crew are permitted to refuse serving alcohol to abusive passengers.


Don’t feel, pinch or poke crew members. 


When disembarking wait your turn even though you are really eager to get off the aircraft after spending many hours on it.


Wishing you many happy flights.