Perks of being of Flight Attendant / Air Hostess / Cabin Crew


When making a career choice, few people realise how many advantages there are when choosing a career as a flight attendant. This is not a run of the mill vocation with routine eight to five schedules, working with the same people in the same environment daily.  A flight attendant’s office is 28 000 feet above sea level, working with different colleagues and different passengers to different destinations daily.  This is not a monotonous job – it is an exciting way of life. No flight is ever  the same as you will be meeting people from different walks of life, of whom some might even be celebrities.



Flight attendants serve passengers who could be on honeymoon, sporting groups, elderly or wheelchair bound passengers to name but a few. You often disembark a flight feeling that you have positively contributed to something worthwhile.

Many flight attendants choose this career as it allows them to see the world whilst being paid handsomely to do so.  They travel to exotic destinations they have always dreamed of visiting - as well as to destinations they may not necessarily have chosen to visit. While doing this, they get paid meal allowances and get to stay in luxurious hotels. While travelling, flight attendants have opportunities to visit places such as the Seven Wonders of the World and experience different cultures which are beyond the reach of most careers.

Flight attendants are also granted the opportunity to have their friends and family travel with them on flights. Airline employees grant cheaper air tickets for family and friends; not only allowing family members to accompany them on flights but also providing the opportunity to purchase cheap airline tickets when going on vacation. Being a flight attendant also allows one the opportunity to reunite with friends and family living abroad.

When attending special functions or just hanging out with friends, the chances of flight attendant’s wearing the same outfit as any of the other guests is almost zero as they shop internationally and to top it all, this is at times for a fraction of the price paid locally.  Another shopping advantage is that the majority of airline operators allow their crew members to purchase duty free perfume, cigarettes, jewellery etc. after duty free sales to passengers.

Flight Attendants are given a roster (a schedule of their duties) approximately 1 month in advance. This roster  indicates where they will fly to that month and which days will be their off days. This allows them to plan “their lives” or to arrange for their families to accompany them on a flight.

Another advantage is that your “off” days often fall on a week day allowing them to conduct business on days other than hectic weekend days. Flight Attendants get enough time off ‘at base’ and away from home to study through correspondence An example of a long haul flight with some International Airlines would be:  a 10 day Hong Kong flight resulting in having 4-5 days off when returning to base., or to fly   for 4 or 5 days consecutively resulting in having 3 days off. Off days could increase if there are standby duties on a schedule and a person is not called out for duty.  Certain charter companies will require flight attendants to work away from South Africa for 6 to 8 weeks at a time.  On these flights crew have plenty of time to socialise, sightsee, shop and study if they choose to do so.  Once they return to South Africa they normally have a minimum of three weeks off consecutively.  This also has many tax benefits as the amount of time spent overseas exceeds the time spent locally and the foreign currency received is often non-taxable.

Traditional careers have staff members spending lots of money on outfits, shoes and accessories. Flight crew members are issued with uniforms, shoes, handbags and luggage subsequently leading to enormous cost saving.

Being a Flight Attendant has advantages and disadvantages and is certainly not a career for everyone. It is however one of the most sought after jobs if you value a lifestyle of travelling, meeting people, experiencing different culture etc. etc. etc. It is a job which will enhance interaction skills, teaching independence, creating confidence and acquiring skills needed to operate as an exceptional team member..