Personal Hygiene

 The Importance of Personal Hygiene when working as an Air Hostess/Flight Attendant/Cabin Crew

Air Hosts / Hostesses are required to be immaculately groomed at all times.  They are always in the public eye, and wearing a corporate uniform does not allow for them to be negligent when it comes to personal grooming.  Remember, first impressions are everlasting! 

It is fundamental that you take pride in your work, and this starts with taking pride in your appearance.


 It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Take care of your body by maintaining healthy eating habits, exercising regularly, and giving your body enough time to rest.

Air Hosts / Hostesses work in close contact with passengers as they often have to serve meals, beverages and or catering equipment either to them or pass these refreshments over them. A lack of cleanliness, body odour, or bad breath is highly offensive to passengers.  Ensure that you always smell fresh and clean.  Always use deodorant and subtle perfume or aftershave.

Air Hosts / Hostesses must ensure that they have fresh-smelling breath at all times.  Smokers, be aware that the smell of smoke could be highly invasive to those you are communicating with.  Prior to signing on for duty, avoid eating foods containing onion or garlic, as well as spicy foods, which are known to contribute to offensive smelling breath.  Remember! Chewing of gum is not permitted whilst on duty.

Crewmembers’ hands are constantly exposed to passengers.  Ensure that your hands and nails are always clean with no dirt or residue visible. As Air Hosts / Hostesses handle food, no visible wounds or injuries are permitted on hands or fingers.  Dirty or injured hands will raise hygiene and health concerns with passengers.

Always wash hands after using the toilet and wash hands as often as possible during the service.  Moisturise hands with a good quality moisturiser after washing them.  Should you need to shake hands with a passenger or colleague, your handshake should be a pleasant experience.