Uniform Regulations


Cabin crewmembers are constantly in the public eye and wearing a corporate uniform does not allow you to be negligent when it comes to personal appearance.  Take pride in how you wear your uniform and personal grooming at all times!

Airline Operators choose uniform styles relevant to the image they are portraying.  Regardless of the uniform design the basic guidelines to uniform regulations stay the same.

Always wear your full uniform and accessories when on duty and when in public view.  You are a representative of your company as well as of your country when travelling internationally, and this representation should be portrayed respectfully. When in uniform, refrain from frequenting establishments that might tarnish your reputation and discredit your company and at times your country.

Ensure that your uniform is always clean, neatly ironed and well maintained.  Replace lost or broken buttons immediately and ensure that spots and stains are removed.

Shoes must be in a good condition and clean and polished constantly. Since you will be spending a lot of time on your feet, it is recommended that you purchase quality shoes that will be kind to your feet.  Carry a shoe polishing cloth, shoe brush or shoe mitt with you, which will enable you to shine and clean your shoes at any required time. If stockings/pantyhose are worn whilst in uniform and these become laddered these must be replaced immediately. Although a cabin crewmember’s primary function is the safety of the aircraft, passengers expect to be met and served by well-groomed professionals. A flight attendant’s professional personal appearance will most certainly raise the level of respect a passenger has for a crewmember.

Effective grooming means paying detailed attention to all aspects of your appearance. Therefore always check your appearance in a mirror prior to leaving home and always carry a spare uniform with you in case your uniform gets soiled or damaged.