Grooming of a Flight Attendant / Air Hostess/ Cabin Crew Member


Remember! Personal hygiene and adherence to uniform policies is of utmost importance to portray the image of a well-groomed flight attendant.  



Although airline operators have their own internal grooming procedures the majority of airline operators in the industry have similar grooming guidelines. These guidelines include:

Nails -              Must be clean and polished.  Lighter shades are normally preferable as long as the colour matches that of the uniform. Varnish must never be chipped and the lipstick should be of similar colour to the nail varnish.  Men are required to keep their nails clean and short and may not wear any nail polish.

Hair -            Recommendations surrounding hairstyles for cabin crew members are not just simply based on appearance! Some hairstyles and hair accessories could jeopardise the correct and safe use of life saving emergency equipment. These unsuitable hairstyles and or accessories include not being able to assume the correct brace position when seated on a crew jump seat or hairstyles that prevent you from donning protective breathing equipment correctly. 

Hair must be kept clean, out of the eyes and should appear a natural shade, with no dramatic contrasts or styles. When hair length is below the shoulder, operators normally require that it to be worn away from the face to avoid stray hair from falling into passengers’ meals.  Fringes should not extend over the eyebrows. Male crew members’ hair should be neatly cropped with the hair at the back of the neck not extending beyond the shirt collar.

Facial Hair -    Most operators do not permit beards, but should this be permitted, beards will  be required to be kept clean and neatly trimmed. Twirled moustaches are taboo.  It is preferable that men be clean-shaven when in uniform.

Perfume -           Perfume or body sprays should never be overpowering, but should rather have clean, crisp and fresh undertones.  Fragrances should be subtle and unobtrusive. Body odour is unacceptable so you should always use deodorant. BO is a NO NO!

Shoes            Shoes mustn’t be scuffed and must be kept clean and polished with the heels intact. Stockings must match the uniform and must never be laddered. A professional flight attendant will always have a spare pair of pantyhose in their hand luggage. Men must ensure that their socks are of the same colour as the shoes.

Wounds             Grazes, cuts, abrasions, blisters etc. need to be covered with fresh, clean plasters / bandaging.

Make-up          Makeup must be worn at all times whilst on duty and must be touched up at regular intervals. Lipstick / lip-gloss should always be worn and should not be too dramatic. Colours should match the uniform.             

Uniform           When wearing a company uniform you are an ambassador for your airline. Your uniform must always be kept clean, crisp and fresh and it is essential that it is never wrinkled or soiled. Always adhere strictly to uniform regulations and only wear combinations which are permitted.

Accessories -      Single females are generally only allowed to wear one ring and this may not be worn on the thumb or forefinger.  Married females are permitted both a wedding and engagement ring on the same finger. Males are allowed to wear only 1 ring. 

Only medic alert bracelets are allowed.

No ankle chains.

Necklaces must be short and should not hamper the effective use of emergency  equipment.

Only stud type earrings are allowed and it should not hamper the effective use of emergency equipment. Males are not permitted to wear earrings.

Normally decorative  tattoos or body piercing may not be visible.

When wearing a watch, a corporate type watch should be worn.

Prescription glasses may be worn, but frames must be business like and should be in a subtle colour that matches the uniform.