Aviation Medicine - AVMED Training


A Life Saving Skill!

Passengers are not usually accepted for travel unless they are medically fit to do so. 

When undertaking the cabin crew licensing course, learners will attend a 1-week Aviation Medicine training course. This training includes handling of Special Care Passengers e.g. passengers who are visually impaired, have reduced mobility or are hard of hearing.  This training will empower you to perform CPR on a person with cardiac arrest or treat a person that is choking or has an epileptic fit and even deliver a baby to name but a few.  



When passengers become severely ill on an aircraft and require medical attention, cabin crew members will make an announcement requesting the assistance of a medical doctor, or other medical personnel.  If there are no qualified medical personnel on board, crew members are required to take control. Aviation Medicine is a valuable and exciting course that has portability, seeing that this qualification can save lives not only in the workplace, but also in the home.

First Aid training could also be of great assistance in circumstances where an aircraft has been involved in an accident and in survival situations.

In special circumstances, passengers that are terminally ill or on a stretcher for instance will have to be accompanied by a passenger having the required medical qualifications.  In cases where a passenger is pregnant, they are not permitted to fly after their 36th week of pregnancy , they may fly with no restrictions up to their 32nd week of pregnancy and with a doctors letter between 32 and 36 weeks of pregnancy. Naturally some airlines can have their own policies which are more restrictive than those mentioned above.

Even though airline operators have  policies in place to aid in the transportation of passengers being ill, there have been cases of deaths on board.  For this reason crew members are also trained to deal with a death on board an aircraft. There have been incidents where babies have been born in flight even though policies have been adhered to.


You will feel proud one day when your AvMed knowledge has been used to save a life.