Passenger Service


Customer service is the livelihood of any airline. Due to abundant competition, airline operators need to keep bringing their passengers back. No matter what business you are in – Customers want their needs met, and these needs must be met promptly!.  These requirements could vary – from wanting to be left alone and only attending to them when they so desire it, to being continuously pampered. 


Customers will constantly do business with people, who have not just met, but exceeded their expectations. Due to the competitive environment within the aviation industry, airlines need to take advantage of every competitive edge they can acquire. Passionate, professional, competent, friendly cabin crew members that pay attention to detail, can provide that edge.  These crew members can become the building blocks of an airline.    

Passengers want airlines to go the extra mile to meet their needs and also want to be appreciated for their business. Passenger needs should be anticipated. When you have listened to a passenger, you will be able to identify their needs.  If their needs have not been anticipated, ensure that you do all in your power to identify these needs as passengers  desire solutions to their problems.  Convince them that they can trust you with their requests and ensure that you live up to their expectations. Remember, passengers pay your salary. No Passengers, no Airline!

Deal with passenger complaints instantly- find a solution. Communicate with them regularly while addressing the problem as this will assure them that they have not been forgotten. Welcome their suggestions and never make promises unless you can keep them.

If you were the cause of their problem take accountability and apologise sincerely.  

Always remember that safety is the best service we can offer to a passenger, however it is exceptional customer service that sells an airline operator to its passengers.