Working Environment Of an Air Hostess/Flight Attendant/Cabin Crew member

Working Environment of a Cabin crew member / Flight Attendant / Air Hostess

Airlines operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, therefore cabin crew members must be adaptable and flexible if this is the career they have chosen.  Duty periods are long, work is demanding and crew members are required to remain professional and friendly throughout their duty period. It is often impressive service from cabin crew that sells an airline operator to passengers.   

In flight, crew members could be exposed to many unpleasant situations. These include: advances and or abuse from passengers, medical emergencies caused by a passenger having a heart attack or giving childbirth etc. There are also situations which could cause crew members to be prone to injuries, these include: burns from hot beverages or loose items striking them in severe unexpected turbulent conditions. No matter which  unforeseen  situation exists, cabin crew are required to maintain their composure in a professional manner.  


Crew will experience flights where passengers board an aircraft and just want to reach their destination and be left alone to either sleep, watch a movie or do some work.  With flights departing at night, some passengers will at times sleep through the night and only awake when the plane starts descending for landing. Other flights will be filled with passengers who are in high spirits and want to “party” throughout the flight, as is often the case on flights where passengers are part of game supporters or part of a tour group.       

On completion of the flight at an outstation, the fun begins for cabin crew members! Crew members are accommodated in hotels and are paid an allowance which is referred to a “Meal Allowance” – all at company expense.  This allowance normally exceeds the amount that crew could possibly spend on eating thus allowing them to “shop till they drop”.  It also allows them time to sight see, attend shows on Broadway, visit the  “in” nightclubs  and to “experience the world”. Most airline operator’s offer discounted and or free fares to cabin crew members and their families, from their own and / or on other airlines thus allowing vacations to be taken at a cheaper fare. There is nothing nicer than sharing your “world” overseas with your loved one’s!

The life of a cabin crew member is most certainly one of the most exciting careers you could ever wish for.