Blended Training for Flight Attendants

Online / Blended Training for SACAA licensing of Flight Attendants

‘Online learning’ is not the next big thing, it is the now big thing!

EPT Aviation Training is proud and delighted to announce that we are now offering a Cabin Crew Member Licensing Programme which utilises the blended learning methodology. This part-online programme is based on our accredited South African Civil Aviation Authority licensing course, and is offered in addition to our traditional courses for flight attendant training.

Online Learning will enhance your knowledge and education allowing you the opportunity to advance your career into the aviation industry without the need of you quitting your job.  It is a wonderful opportunity for people who normally could not attend traditional classroom training for reasons such as lack of transportation, accommodation, training fees or the harsh realities of work.  This method of learning enables a learner to fit their cabin crew studies around their lifestyles.

The blended learning programme for the licensing of cabin crew consists of an online learning component followed by practical training and assessments. It is recommended that learners spend approximately 268 hours, online, on the relevant theoretical modules. In order for the learner and the trainer to gauge the learners’ progress, there are comprehensive self-study quizzes at the end of each module which need to be completed successfully prior to progressing to the next module. There is constant interaction throughout the theoretical modules between both the learners and the trainer by means of group discussion forums. Communication can also take place via email or telephonically.    

On successful completion of the theoretical training period, the learners are required to attend a 2 week residency period, during which practical training and assessments will take place. Prior to advancing to this section of the training, learners will be required to write and successfully pass the Controlled Test for the Online Learning Component, which will include all relevant modules covered in the online learning component. Should the learner not meet the 90% pass mark requirement, they will be required to undertake refresher training prior to undergoing the 2-week residency period.  

A minimum of 10 learners is required.  

To enrol for this online programme, you must be able to access and use e-learning portal of EPT Aviation Training. The eLearning portal provides you with access to the Virtual Classroom, Course content, Forums etc. This portal is accessed through a compatible Internet browser. You will also need software to read any documentation, watch videos and view pictures that are provided for you in the Virtual Classroom. 


 ØAn Internet connection at home – You must have a reliable Internet connection at home. It is not realistic to study online if you only have access at work or in Internet cafes. Although broadband (cable/ASDL) will enhance the experience of using the e-learning portal, it is still possible to study if you only have a dial-up connection.

ØA personal email address – A personal email address is required to facilitate communications related to your studies. Furthermore, this email will also serve as your personal Username. This should ideally be a WebMail service (like Gmail or Yahoo!) rather than a work email address, as you may be unable to access your work email when you are outside of the office.

ØA suitable computer – Generally speaking, if you have a computer running either a Microsoft Windows or an Apple OS X operating system that is less than five years old, it will normally be fast enough and have sufficient memory to use the e-learning portal.

ØSupporting software – In addition to having a supported Internet browser installed, you must be able to read Adobe Acrobat documents (also called PDFs), view videos and pictures.

Please note that you must have the ability to install and update software on any computer you intend to use for your studies in case the software on the computer needs updating in order to use the e-learning portal. This means that you might not be able to reply upon a computer belonging to your employer (for example, a laptop you are provided with), as many IT departments do not allow employees to update or install software on company owned computers.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a good internet connection and a suitable computer with the relevant supporting software. Should you require further information, please contact EPT Aviation Training on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 011 395 3630/011 973 0009