Security Awareness



Security training is required by the Aviation Security Department of the South African Civil Aviation Authority and forms part of the cabin crew member licensing programme or as a stand-alone subject for all Aviation Personnel 

Course Modules Include:

  • Roles and responsibilities of the SACAA, Airlines and Cargo sections pertaining to Security
  • Universal threats and differentiation between threats to civil aviation
  • General security practices relating to airports
  • Differentiate between restricted and non-restricted airports and requirements and control measures for accessing these areas
  • Threats caused by unauthorised access to any secure area
  • Security policies and procedures when moving about the airport
  • Recognition of unusual behaviour
  • Handling procedures and action to be taken when suspect items are identified
  • Prohibited item to be taken on board the aircraft
  • Skills when dealing with disruptive passengers on board the aircraft
  • Explain and identify suspect explosive devices and weapons
  • Skills for handling a bomb threat
  • Knowledge of fire prevention
  • Differentiate between types of airport emergency procedures

Course Entry Requirements 

  • When attending this course while undertaking the cabin crew member licensing programme the course entry requirements will be the same as those for initial training
  • A Flight Crew Members Licence for operating Flight Crew Members

Course Cost Includes:

  • All manuals and required training material