Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant - CRM



The objective of CRM Training is Flight safety and how displaying honesty, directness, mutual respect, positive critique and feedback can play a vital role in flight safety.

CRM is a comprehensive training module aimed at improving crew / staff performance. It addresses cabin, flight crew and or staff members as a working unit, and focuses on their attitudes, behaviours and their impact on safety and service. It is a management system that makes optimum use of all available resources – equipment, people and procedures – to promote service and or to promote safety thus enhancing their efficiency. When conducted for flight crew members, it is aimed at establishing a better understanding of each other’s roles and responsibilities thus bridging the gap in communication between them

Course Modules Include:

  • History of CRM
  • Communications processes and decision behaviour; Internal and external influences on interpersonal communications;
  • Barriers to communication; Listening skills; Decision making skills; Effective briefings; Developing open communications;
  • Inquiry, advocacy, and assertion training; Self-critique; Conflict resolution; Teamwork
  • Situational awareness; How to prepare, plan and monitor task completions; Individual factors;
  • Stress reduction and Risk; Fatigue; Threat & Error Management; Distraction avoidance

Course Entry Requirements

  • When attending this course while undertaking the cabin crew member licensing programme the course entry requirements will be the same as those for initial training or
  • A valid flight crew members licence for licensed crew members

Course Cost Includes: 

  • All manuals and required training material