Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant - Requalification


South African Civil Aviation Regulations require that a Cabin Crew Member who has not operated an aircraft or who has not attended Recurrent Training within a 36 months period, undergo a Re-qualification programme. 

This course will include the following modules:

  • General SEPT (Refresher and Exam)

  • Theoretical and Practical modules relating to Aviation Medicine

  • Theoretical Safety - Policies and procedures

  • Aircraft type training

  • Aviation Air Law

  • Practical Emergency Procedures include: Use of Emergency and survival equipment, Ditching and Survival Training, Live Fire Fighting, Evacuation from an aircraft, Jump and Slide

  • Practical and Theoretical Aircraft Type Training

  • Security

  • Carriage of Dangerous Goods by air

  • Crew Resource Management

Course Entry Requirements:

  • A Class 2 medical certificate 

  • Proficient in the English language 

Course Duration and Cost:

The cabin crew member reactivation course takes place over a 5 week period. The course cost is: R 50% of the course fee is required up front (on registration and after our learners have been found medically fit) and 50% 3 weeks after commencing with training. 

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more information