Customer Care

CUSTOMER CARE (SAQA ID 246740, Level 4 - 4 Credits) 

In today’s climate where competition is rife, customers are demanding that their customer service expectations are not just met, but that they are exceeded. Expectations are exceeded when you anticipate their needs and customer loyalty is built on successful customer service interactions and effective resolution of conflict situations. Exceeding their expectation will result in customer loyalty whereas mediocre service will result in them taking their business elsewhere.  

Customers want to feel valued and companies are constantly exploring ways to retain their customers.  Having a good relationship with your customers, whether it is internal or external customers, will provide you with immense job satisfaction.  

Whatever it is that your company does, when you deliver customer service you enter into a contract with the customer, whereby they buy a product or service and you in turn “promise” to deliver a consistently efficient service. Attitude, caring, showing appreciation and willingness to serve are the most important parts of delivering valuable customer service. A great product won’t ensure customer satisfaction if employees are rude or indifferent.  



The learner achieving this unit standard will be able to meet customer needs and expectations in a positive manner and recognise and resolve customer complaints that may arise. The qualifying learner will be able to identify opportunities for enhancing the quality of service to customers, thereby enhancing their overall experience. 

The benefits of this unit to the sub-sector should be very deep and widespread indeed, because it impinges on the work of almost every service provider in the industries concerned. A more caring and supportive approach to clients that meets their legitimate need leads to satisfaction and the probability of a return. 

In particular, on completion of this unit standard, the learner will be able to: 

  • Identify customer needs and expectations.
  • Recognise customer dissatisfaction and take action to resolve the situation.
  • Identify and use opportunities to enhance the quality of customer service.
  • Communicate with all customers.