Train The Trainer

Perform one-to-one training on the job (SAQA US 117877, NQF Level 3, 4 Credits)

Our Train the Trainer / Facilitator training course is designed to empower learners who strive to become trainers possessing the required skills by using adult learning principles.

An excellent trainer is someone who has great communication skills and can transfer their knowledge in a stimulating, unbiased, honest and efficient manner, making the learning process a positive, life changing experience.

Our training course will explain the importance of trainers being Subject Matter Experts on the material they are presenting as KNOWLEDGE is POWER. They will be taught how to identify learner weaknesses and find ways of overcoming these areas by adapting their training methodologies.

This unit standard will provide recognition for individuals who perform or intend to perform on the job, one-to-one training.  Formal recognition will enhance their employability and also provide a means to identify competent trainers or coaches.

On completion of this training course learners will be able to: 

  • Develop your own training methodology according to your own strengths. 
  • Identify learners’ training needs and build their confidence.
  • Prepare for on the job, one-to-one training. 
  • Set objectives for training courses.
  • Build a rewarding relationship with learners.
  • Conduct effective training sessions and techniques by engaging and interacting with the learners.
  • Effectively manage the planning of training sessions and time keeping.
  • Remain in control and deal effectively with challenging learners and situations.
  • Monitor and report on learner progress.
  • Review training.
  • Realise the importance of continual improvement in training methodology.

The credit calculation is based on the assumption that learners are already competent in terms of the learning area in which they will provide training. The programme methodology includes facilitator presentations, readings, individual activities, group discussions, and skills application exercises.

This programme has been aligned to the registered unit standard and learners will be assessed against the outcomes of the unit standard by completing a knowledge assignment that covers the essential embedded knowledge stipulated in the unit standards.  When you are assessed as competent against the unit standards, you will receive a Certificate of Competence and be awarded 4 Credits (NQF Level 3).


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