Colleen du Plessis

Instead, after she matriculated she joined the banking world and saved like mad for her first holiday which was a trip to Cape Town on a South African Airways flight. Being her first flight, she was totally in awe of the whole experience. Her sister’s ex-boyfriend was the co-pilot on that flight and her game plan changed from seeing the world as an air hostess to becoming a pilot’s wife.  Four years later she married her hubby and has enjoyed the travel perks and excitement of the aviation industry! From the time she met Marlene and Isabel, she became fondly known as ‘MevKaptein.’


During a 17 year period, she kept herself busy with various fundraising and charity events. She served as administrator and treasurer for Easterns Lifesaving and currently does the administration and book – keeping for a security village.

Colleen joined the EPT FAMILY in October 2010 as Training Co-ordinator.