Our Professionals


Ansie Muller 


Hello, I am Ansie.  I joined EPT in October 2015.  What a privilege to be part of this amazing team!


My flying career started in 2004 at Nationwide Airlines.

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Ursula Badenhorst 

Started her flying career 1999. She was employed with Emirates from 1999 to 2006. 

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Vilanie Viljoen

Vilanie started her career at a flying school at Grand Central Airport in 2003.

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Colleen Shackleton

Colleen has been in the aviation industry ever since finishing her teaching degree in 1990.

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Colleen Du Plessis

AKA MEV KAPTEIN As a young girl Colleen dreamt of being an ‘air hostess’.

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Ryan Beytel

Ryan Beytel is a qualified Designated Examiner, Dangerous Goods Instructor as well as an AVSEC Part 109 Instructor here at EPT Aviation.

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Lynette Jovanovic 

Lynette Lived in England for 8 years and was employed as an Accounts Administrator for a company called EXEL.

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Shanaaz Barnabas

Shanaaz joined SAA in 1998 as a Flight Attendant where she worked diligently and was rewarded three years later with the Senior Flight Attendant position.

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