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Upcoming Training Events

Our next full-time Air Hostess - Cabin Crew - Flight Attendant Class is  31st July, 14th August, 28th August, 11th September, 9th October, 23rd October, 1st November, 4th December 2017. The Training course lasts for 6 weeks.

In Flight Recollections - Oupa Smit and others

I guess if you are reading this that you are on “EPT Aviation’s Training’s” website. When I started flying, websites, computers and all that stuff were totally NEW! …A hand-held calculator was science-fiction!!!

I had AGRICULTURE as a subject at Durbanville High School. Our teacher’s name was Mr De Witt. We each had a “patch” of “soil” and had to plant a cabbage, a spinach plant, a beetroot, etc, and this “teacher” would sneak in a worm/caterpillar/slug/snail/etc into your “crop” and then check if you could indentify the perpetrator of your veggie’s demise.

One day, in Standard 8 (Now “Grade 10’ – I think -) on a Tuesday (dead serious!) I saw a Boeing 707 coming in to land … and thought........ .

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Online Learning Opportunities

EPT Aviation Training is leading the field in online aviation training - we have been approved to offer online elements in our Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant/Air Hostess training courses, and we offer our Airport Customer Service training online.