EPT History 2011 - 2012


Due to popular demand, we started offering evening classes for learners who desperately wanted to attend our training but could not do so as they were employed.  Our classes commenced at 16h00 and finished at 21h00 with practicle training being conducted over weekends.  This allowed learners to seek employment within the Aviation Industry while keeping their current employment.

EPT Aviation Training decided to offer training for prospective learners as customer service agents. This was a career ideally suited for those who wanted to enter into the aviation industry but wanted the stability of being based on the ground. Our learners who have attended this training have been very successfull in being employed at the airport for various Airlines.

After numerous requests from corporates, we embarked on a process to offer soft skills training. We received our accreditation from TETA as well as from ETDP. These accreditations allowed us to offer courses such as Train the Trainer, Assessor, Moderator training for the development of learners wanting to become trainers in various fields. For the corporate market we offer courses such as Cultural Diversity, Team Training and Conflict Resolution.