airport check-inCustomer Service Agents are also referred to as Passenger Ground Handling Agents, or airline check-in agents.This career is ideal for learners who want to pursue a career in the Aviation Industry but who would prefer the stability of being based on the ground and not in the aircraft.

Airport Customer Service / Ground Staff Training 

Customer Service Agents are also referred to as Passenger Ground Handling Agents.

This career is ideal for learners who want to pursue a career in the Aviation Industry but want the stability of being located on the ground and not in the air. If you enjoy being in a lively environment, love working with people,and can handle pressure, this could be the perfect career for you to follow.

The customer service agent is most often the first employee the passenger meets when entering the airport, thus it is very important to make a good first impression. These agents provide front line customer service and are responsible for assisting passengers with their travel needs.  Airlines are in business of transporting people from one place to another and they could not function without the help of many staff members on the ground,e.g. Making and/or changing reservations, ticketing, assisting passengers with tagging luggage and baggage check in, seat assignment, handling queries, handling payments, etc. Alternatively these agents could also have duties such as being at the boarding gates handling seat conflicts, delays, making announcements, checking and collecting tickets at the boarding gate, assisting handicapped passengers etc.

Ticket counters at South African airports as well as airports Internationally often operate 24 hours a day at the airport, and offer a wide variety of work schedules for their staff members.

As airports remain open for extended hours, customer service agents must have the ability to work shifts which could include public holidays, evenings and weekends. Each airline operator has its own policy for work schedules.

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Course entry requirements:

  • Minimum age 17 years of age
  • Proficient in the English language
  • Minimum Grade 12 or NQF Level 4

Customer Service Agent / Passenger Ground Handling - Full time

Duration: 3 Weeks

Course fee: R6 000.00


Passenger Ground Handling / Customer Service Agent 2018 including Systems Training

Duration: 5 Weeks

Course fee: R10 000


Blended Learning Program for our Customer Service Agent / Passenger Ground Handling, Part Time – Online. 

Course Duration: 4 weeks online and 1 week residency to be completed at EPT Aviation’s training premises. 

Course Cost: R5000.00

A minimum of 8 learners are required to commence a training course.


Course Entry Requirements                            

*Minimum of 17 years of age  

*Proficient in the English language

*Minimum Grade 12 or NQF Level 4



To study online you must be able to use the e-learning portal of EPT Aviation Training. You will also need software to read all training material provided for you in the Virtual Classroom.


Ø  An Internet connection at home – You must have a reliable Internet connection at home. Although broadband, cable/ASDL, will enhance the experience of using the e-learning portal, it is still possible to study if you only have a dial-up connection.


Ø  A personal email address – An email address is required to facilitate communications related to your studies.  


Ø  A suitable computer – Generally speaking, if you have a computer running either a Microsoft Windows or an Apple OS X operating system that is less than five years old, it will normally be fast enough and have sufficient memory to use the e-learning portal.


Ø  Supporting software – In addition to having a supported Internet browser installed, you must be able to read Adobe Acrobat documents, also called PDFs, view videos and illustrations. Please note that you must have the ability to install and update software on any computer you intend to use for your studies in case the software on the computer needs updating in order to use the e-learning portal. This means that you might not be able to reply upon a computer belonging to your employer, as many IT departments do not allow employees to update or install software on company owned computers.






Our Special Course Offers And Unique Student Benefits

We offer swimming assistance – free of charge

The South African Civil Aviation regulations require that cabin crew members must be proficient and confident in water when applying for a Cabin Crew Members License. We assist our learners at no additional cost, thus ensuring that they are found competent in the skills test required by the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

100% Pass Rate for cabin crew licensing at the SACAA

We are devoted to training all our learners until they are ready for the SACAA Licensing Examination and we are truly proud of our 100% pass rate at the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

CV Compilation and CV Photographs - at No Extra Cost

Compiling a CV is often a gruelling task. Spelling mistakes and incorrect formatting often lead to potential employers discarding the CV even before an interview has been granted. Compiling a professional CV is therefore of utmost importance. We take pride in compiling an electronic CV for each learner with professional photographs at no extra cost. Our appointed photographer spends time with each learner to ensure expertly presented, eye-catching photographs.

Graduation Ceremony at No Extra Cost

We honour our learners by having a graduation ceremony i.e. “wings” for them on successful completion of the Cabin Crew Member Licensing and Passenger Ground Handling training and the National Certficate in General Travel.

Interviewing Skills at No Extra Cost

Due to careers within the Aviation and Travel and Tourism Industries being such sought after careers in South Africa, we have introduced an Interviewing Skills Module presented by interviewing specialists. This assists EPT Aviation Training Graduates to have the added edge over other applicants. Learners are taught how to manage themselves during formal and professional interviews as well as what to expect from at each stage of the interviewing process. Learners are also taught how to dress, how to walk and talk and how to focus on core words when asked questions during the interviewing process.

Photographs at No Extra Cost

As a result of EPT Aviation Training being a trend,y innovative organisation, we take photographs of all learners throughout their training that can be used as a portfolio of evidence. We also have professional photographs taken for CV purposes. 

Open/Information days at No Extra Cost

Our information sessions take place every Friday at 12h00 at our premises. These sessions do not take place when a Friday falls on a Public Holiday or over the festive season.The address is Denel North,Atlas road,Bonaero Park,Johannesburg.These sessions allow our prospective learners and their families the opportunity to view our training facilities and to provide clarity on any queries you may have regarding careers within the Aviation and Travel and Tourism Industries. No booking for attendance is required as these information sessions are free of charge. If you are located in another part of our beautiful South Africa and are not able to attend one of our information sessions, please feel free to contact us should you require any additional information as we would appreciate the opportunity of forwarding our training information guide to you. Information days will take place every Friday. These sessions do not take place when a Friday falls on a Public Holiday or over the festive season.

EPT Aviation Training Learner Database

Our extensive database includes records of all our Learners and the various courses which they have attended. Profiles and Qualifications will also be captured. Our database can be requested by airlines, companies and recruitment agencies looking to recruit learners who are interested in a career in the aviation industry. Our learners will only be placed on our database with their permission. We currently supply many of our learners CV's to handling agents and thus have many graduates placed within the aviation industry.


On successful completion of each training module learners are issued with a certificate confirming competence. Some of our training modules require submission of projects after classroom training prior to being assessed as competent.

Cabin Crew / Flight Attendant and Pilot Training

cabin crew group photo Cabin Crew Members were initially referred to as Cabin Boys, Air Hosts, Air Hostesses, Stewardesses, Stewards, Flight Attendants.
In the year 1998 the South African Civil Aviation Authority introduced a law which required that all airhostesses/flight attendants be licenced.

Airport Customer Service Agent Training

airport check-inCustomer Service Agents are also referred to as Passenger Ground Handling Agents, or airline check-in agents.This career is ideal for learners who want to pursue a career in the Aviation Industry but who would prefer the stability of being based on the ground and not in the aircraft.

Blended and eLearning Aviation Training

blended training group imageOur blended training options offers an alternative approach to our aviation courses, and are designed to take maximum advantage of the latest technologies for online learning.
We combine online and classroom training to allow you to study in your "spare time", and also to reduce the cost to you.

Train The Trainer, Assessor and Moderator Training

classroom imageOur Train the Trainer / Facilitator training, Assessor and Moderator courses are designed to empower learners who want to become accredited trainers, assessors, and moderators possessing the required developmental skills. We employ outcomes based unit standard training.

Corporate Development and Soft Skills Training

soft skills symbolSoft skills are a cluster of personal qualities which always will play a vital role in an individual's career opportunities, and personal development.
These qualities include problem solving skills, communication skills, ability to resolve conflict, and managing diversity, to name but a few.

General Travel Qualification and Diploma