• “The most wonderful, life changing experience that I’ve had, THANK YOU.”

• “EPT is a good learning centre with professional interventions and the trainers are so dedicated. Due to that I’ve achieved positive work values and ethics”

• “The trainers are well experienced and provide FIRST CLASS SERVICE to all learners.”

• “A wonderful, Interesting and life changing experience – Thank you EPT

• "The whole course was a spectacular, informative and life changing. Trainers please keep up the excellent work.  At EPT passion is not taught, it is instilled, captured    and furthered!    

•Great school, beautiful people. Thank you to everyone at EPT

•EPT is home away from home. Only wish the course was longer. Big thanks to the trainers for pushing me in the right direction. Thanks EPT!  

•I had the best learning experience at EPT and I got what I wanted and more. The trainers were professional and loving, the environment was welcoming. I’m really going to miss it. I would really recommend that people train here.   

•My course at EPT was amazing! Every day was a new and exciting experience it was never difficult for me to get up in the mornings to come to class. And I would like to say thank you to all the instructors for always being there for us, more than they had to be.   

•It was a worthy course, and the best moments of my life. I couldn’t ask for more. It goes without saying that I am well equipped and really for the industry. 

•I enjoyed my time at EPT. I have learnt so much and definitely recommend the training to everyone who wants to do this course. I have become a better person and the skills I have learnt are for life.

•Fell in love with this course and the people. The jokes and the laughter!!  Loved Isabel and Carmen! Total opposites but one of a kind!   

•I made friends or should I should say family. I am going to miss these guys and the EPT crew. Thank you for everything.

•Thank you EPT I will recommend you to anyone!

•Thank you to EPT and all the beloved trainers. The training has allowed me to become a better person.

•EPT Training is the best training school ever. Staff members are driven, and they teach in a motherly manner but do not spoon feed! Thanks to all for everything you did for me. God Bless you all!   

•EPT has taught me a lot! Thank you to all the trainers who made this course special and pleasant.  

•Thank you very much to the personnel staff of EPT. My training actually made me realise my self- worth and further my self-esteem. Thank you.  

•Guys carry on doing the good work; we really need people like you.  

•Enjoyed every moment at EPT. Felt like family. I learnt so much and was blessed to have such amazing teachers.

•Trainers are great. The environment was relaxed and everybody was friendly. Classes were fun, interesting, educational and exciting.  

•Thanks to EPT for the knowledge I’ve gained.  The practical assessments helped me to understand my work. Thanks to all the instructors for their effort and patience. Carmen is dedicated to her work and she helped me to put a lot of effort into my work. She’s made a big difference in my life!! 

•Everyone was really helpful.  We had fun and learnt a lot. EPT is really the best.    

•The training was excellent; the trainers were very enthusiastic throughout the course.    

•I enjoyed my time at EPT, the staff make you feel at home and make the training enjoyable and comfortable.    

•EPT Aviation has been a very exciting and interesting place of learning. I enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks to everybody from the office staff, trainers and students.   

•It was an absolute pleasure to study at EPT. The trainers are confident in what they teach to the learners and they make you understand the work. 

•Thank you for the great experience and all the new friends I have made

•It felt like family at EPT, it was a valuable learning experience. Many unforgettable moments. Thank you to all EPT trainers and staff.

•EPT has enhanced my ability to think and perform under pressure

•Carmen was very passionate about what she taught us, and at the end of the day, always made sure that we understood what we learned. She has very effective teaching skills. 

•It was a very good course. I enjoyed it and I have learned so much. I have gained a lot of knowledge which really makes me happy.

•I found the whole course to be easily understandable and the time we were given to prepare for our assessments and exams was enough. The environment at EPT is really great; we were treated fairly and felt like family for the duration of the course. The trainers were fair in class and explained the work well, they were sometimes hard on us, but that helped us to push ourselves even more.  Thank you for everything EPT.

•Really enjoyed the course, felt welcome and appreciated. Trainers were superb, to the point and very down to earth. Everything that happened during my training was eye opening and very interesting. I wouldn’t change anything, everything was perfect!

•The course was very informative and I find it will help me in the future in this industry. I enjoyed learning from all the trainers. I enjoyed the interviewing skills course very much. Thank you for all your time and patience. I found Gill was very knowledgeable and presented all her lessons well and fun.  

•The course exceeded my expectations, one feels prepared for the workplace. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.  The standards are high and everyone gets personal attention and help when they struggle.

•I love EPT, everything was up to standard, and the teachers were so encouraging at all times. Carmen was the best! There was never a boring moment; we were always busy with the studies and with many moments of laughter.

•The course was so insightful and so much fun. I learnt so much. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! For all your input, determination and loving care!!! You will always be a special part of me!! Xxx  

•The most awesome experience / time and learning I have had. Trainers were amazing and helpful in every way and brought lots of humour to the class 10/10   

•Can’t say much but I only wish I could turn back the hands of time to see all of you daily.  I enjoyed each and every day of the course. Thank you for making my dreams come true and for making me gain my confidence back. Miss you all, especially Isabel.

•Thank you for one of the best sweets of my life. I really enjoyed every minute of the training. Thank you for making the course so enjoyable. I will miss you guy’s a lot. I wish you all the best for EPT. 

•This was the best and the most fun course ever! The knowledge of the trainers is above average! This course is highly recommended! We are going to miss the “hello Kobra’s”. Thank you for a wonderful time! “Paris” will miss you dearly.

•The course was so enjoyable and interesting.

•Thank you – best I’ve had

•Awesome course – thank you. 

•Thank you, training was done in a very professional manner.

•I have at times not known why I did not get jobs I applied for – after attending your interviewing skills training I know where I have failed. 

•I was impressed with the instructors. Their experience was insightful and professional.

•My dream has changed – I now want to be a trainer for EPT Training.

•Security training always put me to sleep – I will BEG to be sent to EPT training again.

•Thanks – well presented.  

Thank you very much you were / are excellent. Love you very much xxx Will see you soon again.  

•This was the most enjoyable course I have attended (there have been many). The trainers are the best quality I have ever encountered.

•This learner feedback form can never describe the sadness I feel in leaving this training course – it was the best training experience I have ever had

•The grooming consultant made me feel and look better than I have done in years. You are the best - MWAH.  

•I never thought I could look this good.  They created a swan out of me.  

•My confidence levels have increased dramatically since I have been “made-over”. Thank you EPT!  EPT you are the BEST!! Will recommend you training to all – Have found my calling.  


•Love you all lots – I am revived MWAH.

Our Special Course Offers And Unique Student Benefits

We offer swimming assistance – free of charge

The South African Civil Aviation regulations require that cabin crew members must be proficient and confident in water when applying for a Cabin Crew Members License. We assist our learners at no additional cost, thus ensuring that they are found competent in the skills test required by the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

99.8% Pass Rate for cabin crew licensing at the SACAA

We are devoted to training all our learners until they are ready for the SACAA Licensing Examination and we are truly proud of our 100% pass rate at the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

CV Compilation and CV Photographs - at No Extra Cost

Compiling a CV is often a gruelling task. Spelling mistakes and incorrect formatting often lead to potential employers discarding the CV even before an interview has been granted. Compiling a professional CV is therefore of utmost importance. We take pride in compiling an electronic CV for each learner with professional photographs at no extra cost. Our appointed photographer spends time with each learner to ensure expertly presented, eye-catching photographs.

Graduation Ceremony at No Extra Cost

We honour our learners by having a graduation ceremony i.e. “wings” for them on successful completion of the Cabin Crew Member Licensing and Passenger Ground Handling training and the National Certficate in General Travel.

Interviewing Skills at No Extra Cost

Due to careers within the Aviation and Travel and Tourism Industries being such sought after careers in South Africa, we have introduced an Interviewing Skills Module presented by interviewing specialists. This assists EPT Aviation Training Graduates to have the added edge over other applicants. Learners are taught how to manage themselves during formal and professional interviews as well as what to expect from at each stage of the interviewing process. Learners are also taught how to dress, how to walk and talk and how to focus on core words when asked questions during the interviewing process.

Photographs at No Extra Cost

As a result of EPT Aviation Training being a trendy innovative organisation, we take photographs of all learners throughout their training that can be used as a portfolio of evidence. We also have professional photographs taken for CV purposes. 

Open/Information days at No Extra Cost

Our information sessions take place every Friday at 12h00 at our premises. These sessions do not take place when a Friday falls on a Public Holiday or over the festive season.The address is Denel North,Atlas road,Bonaero Park,Johannesburg.These sessions allow our prospective learners and their families the opportunity to view our training facilities and to provide clarity on any queries you may have regarding careers within the Aviation and Travel and Tourism Industries. No booking for attendance is required as these information sessions are free of charge. If you are located in another part of our beautiful South Africa and are not able to attend one of our information sessions, please feel free to contact us should you require any additional information as we would appreciate the opportunity of forwarding our training information guide to you. Information days will take place every Friday. These sessions do not take place when a Friday falls on a Public Holiday or over the festive season.

EPT Aviation Training Learner Database

Our extensive database includes records of all our Learners and the various courses which they have attended. Profiles and Qualifications are also captured. Our learners will only be placed on our database with their permission. We currently supply many of our learners CV's to Handling Agents(on request by the Handling Agent Company) and thus have many graduates placed within the aviation industry.


On successful completion of each training module learners are issued with a certificate confirming competence. Some of our training modules require submission of projects after classroom training prior to being assessed as competent.

Cabin Crew / Flight Attendant and Pilot Training

 DSF7108 2 Cabin Crew Members were initially referred to as Cabin Boys, Air Hosts, Air Hostesses, Stewardesses, Stewards, Flight Attendants.
In the year 1998 the South African Civil Aviation Authority introduced a law which required that all airhostesses/flight attendants be licenced.

Airport Customer Service Agent Training

airport check-in
Customer Service Agents are also referred to as Passenger Ground Handling Agents, or airline check-in agents.This career is ideal for learners who want to pursue a career in the Aviation Industry but who would prefer the stability of being based on the ground and not in the aircraft.

Blended and eLearning Aviation Training

blended training group imageOur blended training options offers an alternative approach to our aviation courses, and are designed to take maximum advantage of the latest technologies for online learning.
We combine online and classroom training to allow you to study in your "spare time", and also to reduce the cost to you.

Train The Trainer, Assessor and Moderator Training

classroom imageOur Train the Trainer / Facilitator training, Assessor and Moderator courses are designed to empower learners who want to become accredited trainers, assessors, and moderators possessing the required developmental skills. We employ outcomes based unit standard training.

Tourist Guiding Qualification

GT1Our CATHSSETA Accredited Tourist Guiding Qualification takes place over a 10 month period (inclusive or exclusive of Cabin Crew Licensing Training) Tourist Guiding is a critical component of the tourism value chain. Guides play an essential role in ensuring repeat tourist visitation to South Africa by creating an exciting and positive image of our beautiful country. 

General Travel Qualification

228-00014504Our National Certificate in General Travel  takes place over a 1 year period and is registered as a Level 5 qualification. This qualification focuses on the management and administrative aspects of tourism and will assist with the regulation of people entering the travel industry, ensuring a more competent workforce.